what we believe

Play based learning, developing secure relationships with a commitment

to equality through a reflective practice.


At Kinderoos, we believe that play based learning is critical in the early years of a child’s life. The educators strive to develop an environment that provides children with opportunities that build foundations for future learning success. The principles, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework are an essential part of our pedagogy and guide educators when developing the curriculum.


Educators at Kinderoos develop secure relationships with children and families through positive interactions which support children’s development of a strong sense of wellbeing. We acknowledge that a strong sense of wellbeing is fundamental to children’s learning and development. Through establishing and role modeling respectful relationships with other educators, children learn to positively interact with others and develop an understanding of the value of collaboration and teamwork.

At Kinderoos we aim to create a welcoming environment where children and families are encouraged to collaborate with educators to develop a meaningful curriculum. We respect that families play an important role in the education of their children by recognizing that families are the first and most influential teachers. We understand the importance of developing and maintaining partnerships with families, valuing our families’ expectations for their child and we aim to engage in shared decision making with families. We recognize that partnerships extend to support professionals through the use of mutual relationships so that children with additional needs are supported to achieve their full learning potential.


Kinderoos educators are committed to equity and the belief that all children are capable, competent beings regardless of their cultural background or abilities. We respect each family’s values, beliefs, religion and culture, acknowledging that children come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we recognize that such diversity contributes to the richness of our centre and the broader community. Educators work together with children to address the opportunities and dilemmas that may arise from diversity, endeavouring to make curriculum decisions that uphold the rights of each child to have their culture and identity acknowledged and valued. We value the importance of incorporating the cultures of all children as well as promoting greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being and knowing.


At Kinderoos, educators recognize that reflective practice is an integral part of our role as early childhood professionals. We engage in reflective practice, seeking ways to expand our knowledge and skills. Through reflective practice we gain insight into children’s learning using this to improve teaching practice and ensure we provide the highest quality learning experiences for children. We value an interest based emergent curriculum that is supported and enhanced by reflective practice. We believe this model of curriculum is in line with current best practice and the best way to ensure learning is relevant to children.


As a team, we strive to uphold the beliefs and practices outlined above to effectively guide children in our care. We work collaboratively to ensure these practices are embedded in our daily work with children. Through doing this, we aim to create a fundamental foundation for every child to achieve future learning success.



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